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Part 5 - Shark Bay

Continuing down the Gascoyne Coast brings you to Shark Bay classified as World
Heritage Region. Its major town is Denham but most people will consider Monkey Mia
as the main attraction for its dolphins. They visit the beach on a regular basis to feed.
One main reason for the regions classification were the Stromatolites at
Hamelin Pool. Stromatolites are the oldest and largest living fossils in the world.
You pass Hamelin Pool when driving towards Denham. Shell Beach, adjacent to the main
road is another attraction of the area. The beach has a length of about 100 Kms and the shell
are as deep as 10 meters. A restaurant located in Denham has been built of shell blocks.
Just follow the Shark Bay Heritage Trail and you will see all major highlights of the region.

Monkey Mia     Dolphins     Ranger and Dolphin     Ranger and Dolphin

Pelican     Pelican     Cormorant     Pelican having a shower

Stromatolites     Shark Bay Scenery     Shell Beach     Restaurant built of Shell Blocks

Shark Bay is as well a 4 WD paradise with Francois Peron National Park and
Steep Point on Edel Land being the favourite ones.
Rare native animals have found a protected place in what used to be a sheep station.
The homestead can be reached by 2 WD vehicles and you are able to try out two
artesian bore tanks with temperatures up to 43 degrees celsius.
The Ntl Park offers a wilderness experience with a scenic coastline and arid shrub lands.
To reach the western most point of mainland Australia, you have to follow the
Useless Loop road on Edel Land and turn off to Steep Point, which once again
offers spectacular coastal scenery like the Zuytdorp Cliffs which rise up to
170 meters above sea level.

Peron Homestead     Emus     Heading towards Cape Peron     Big Lagoon     Francois Peron Ntl Park

Francois Peron Ntl Park     Francois Peron Ntl Park     Cape Peron     Cape Peron     Francois Peron Ntl Park

Zuytdorp Cliffs          Steep Point          Zuytdorp Cliffs          Zuytdorp Cliffs

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