At the end of september 1998, we visited Israel during one week.
Even if the time was rather short, we saw quite some interesting
and nice spots of the country.
Right after our arrival at Tel Aviv, we took over a car and left
for Jerusalem.

Mount of olives          View of Jerusalem          View of Old city

On a guided tour, we saw quite some aspects of this historical town,
mainly in the Old City.

Walking the Old city          Via Dolorosa          Old city

Unfortunately, you are unable to see all of this beautiful city in just
one day, there are just too many historical and religious places here.

Wailing wall         Kotel Ma'aravi         At the wall         Basilica of the agony

The following day, we already left and continued our trip towards the
Dead Sea, stoping en route in Jericho, the world's oldest city.
Massada, all the way down the coast of the Dead Sea, was the next stop.

View from Massada     Up to Massada     Ruins of Massada     Old roman camp site     Dead Sea

After exploring the ruins of this ancient fortress nestled on a huge
rock plateau and still being a symbolic place for Israeli people,
we continued on you way back up the coast towards En Gedi.
Here we enjoyed the strange feeling taking a "swim" in the Dead Sea.

In the Dead sea          Dead sea coast          Dead sea sunset

Before heading to the mediterranean coast, we added a further stop
to visit the ruins of Qumran, place where the eldest biblic text scrolls
were discovered.

Qumran ruins       Ruins overview       Qumran excavations       Qumran region

The following day, after spending the night at a friend's house in Herzlia,
we made our way up the coast with stops in Caesarea, the most important
excavations on the coast, and Akko with it's arab-oriental character.

Overview of Ceasarea excavations     Caesarea ruins     Remains of o cathedral     Exploring Akko     Akko

We continued our way passing Nazareth towards Tiberias located
on the Sea of Galilee. The following day consisted in touring Northern
Israel. This included a drive through the Golan heights.
When heading back southwards to Tiberias, we included a further stop
in Kapernaum to see the church of the Beatitude and the local excavations.

Church of the Beatitudes     View towards Sea of Galilee     Synagogue ruins     Kapernaum excavations     Church of the Beatitudes walk

The following day should bring us back to Herzlia in order to have
a rest during Yom Kipur holiday.
Driving southwards from Tiberias, the next stop was Bet Shean, site
of impressive and very well restored roman city, which had been
destroyed by an earthquake in the 8th century.

Bet Shean pillars          Bet Shean arena          Overview of excavations

Earthquake results       Earthquake damage       Bet Shean overview       Bet Shean excavations

Yom Kipur holiday was rather strange for us as everything had
come to a rest. Even the usual abundant traffic had stopped.
So why not as well take a rest on a beach in Herzlia after the
whole trip ? The last night was spent in Tel Aviv and old Jaffa
before returning home the following day.


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