Ahlan Wa Sahlan


Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, the Pyramids and the... Bakshish
was the destination for the year 2000.
The trip was divided in three parts, a 7 days Nile cruise, a 2 days stop in Cairo and
finally a five days rest in Hurghada. At the end, this combination showed to be
best for recovering before getting back home.
The whole journey starts in Luxor, which can be compared, together with the surrounding
area,  as a huge open air museum. A visit to Thebes on the Nile's west bank is scheduled
for the early morning of the first day.

Memnon colossus     Memnon colossus     Vendors     Hatshepsut temple

The first attraction to discover on the way to the Valley of the Kings are the Colossi of Memnon
with a height of almost 20 meters. These guardians are the last remains of a temple.
The tombs in the Valleys of the Kings and the Queens were supposed to be safer and harder to rob. Among many others, these valleys host the tombs of Tutankhamun, probably the most famous
for it's findings and the one of Nefertari, the favourite wife of Ramses II, said to be one of the most beautiful in Egypt. Another highlight is certainly the impressive Queen Hatshepsut's Temple.

Hatshepsut temple          Hatshepsut temple          Hatshepsut temple          Thirsty

In the afternoon, the Nile cruise southwards to Aswan starts. It is certainly
an amazing impression to observe the passing landscapes and it's inhabitants.
At the present time, it is supposed that about 270 of these cruise ships navigate
on the Luxor - Aswan 220 kilometres stretch.

Nile landscape     Egyptian felucca     Nile landscape     Fishermen

Egyptian felucca     Nile laundry     Cruise ships     Nile landscape

The first stop, about 50 kilometres south of Luxor, is Esna. The main attraction
of this town is the Temple of Khnum, dedicate to the ram headed god, which lies below
the level of the surrounding houses. All other ruins of this complex remain undiscovered
as the modern city was just built on the site.

Temple of Khnum   Esna city   Temple of Khnum   Means of locomotion   Enroute to the market

The next stop towards Aswan is the city of Edfu, about 40 kilometres south
of Esna. The Temple of Horus, dedicated to the falcon headed god,
is one of the best if not the best preserved in Egypt. Unfortunately, once again, parts
of modern Edfu have been constructed on top of the site hiding parts of the site.

Temple of Horus  Sculptured walls  Horus statue  Chamber of Horus  Sculptured walls  Temple of Horus

On the journey goes for about another 60 kilometres to reach the city of Kom Ombo.
The Temple of Kom Ombo is split in two and the individual parts are dedicated
to the falcon headed and the crocodile headed gods.
In one of the chapels, mummified crocodiles can be seen.

Temple of Kom Ombo          Wall reliefs          Wall reliefs          Ships in front of temple

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